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MyFax Reduces Costs for International Faxing
Price packages extend free pages to international destinations and offer significant cost advantages to users worldwide.

Ottawa, September 20, 2006 - MyFax® today announced price package changes that reduce the cost of sending faxes internationally using the MyFax internet fax service. MyFax subscribers can now fax up to 100 free pages per month, to 29 international destinations including China, Japan, Korea, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Australia.

MyFax's standard package now provides users with the equivalent of $30 in free faxing each month. In a review of Internet fax services, PC Magazine rates MyFax the best value for price of industry competitors. In comparison to traditional fax machines or services, MyFax saves users approximately 93% on capital costs, 89% on monthly costs and up to 89% over the span of a five year deployment.

"MyFax continues to lead the industry in terms of value and price packages that meet the needs of all our customers, from individual users and small businesses to large corporations,” said Joseph Nour, CEO of Protus IP Solutions. "We are dedicated to adding features to help our customers manage their documents without increasing price. Coupling this effort with a highly professional approach to customer service and an outstanding support team truly makes MyFax the best choice for faxing.”

MyFax internet fax service allows small to large business users to send and receive faxes using existing email accounts or the web. The application also enables users to manage their fax communications and corresponding document management work flow more efficiently and at a lower cost than traditional fax servers, fax machines or other internet fax service providers, regardless of physical location.

About MyFax
MyFax is an Internet fax service provided by Protus IP Solutions. Protus IP Solutions - a high-growth application service provider - offers value-added Internet fax communication and voice messaging services to businesses around the world. Since Protus was established more than 9 years ago, customers within the finance, insurance, real estate, pharmaceutical, retail industries and others have trusted their outsourced communication needs to our reliable service. We manage 780,000,000 faxes per year, we deliver 375,000 pages per hour, and we dial 500,000 calls per hour. On-line Internet fax (email-to-fax and fax to email) services targeting Personal, Small Business and Corporate users are sold under the brand name MyFax. Protus solutions are sold both directly and through a network of worldwide partners, including major service providers. Additional information is available at www.protus.com or www.myfax.com.

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