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MyFax Introduces New Web Interface
MyFax Web Interface offers enhanced versatility and greater value.

Ottawa, August 24, 2006 - MyFax® today introduced a new web interface to its Internet-fax service that allows users to send and receive faxes using email accounts and the web. Designed to enhance the customer's experience, this versatile interface offers customers additional functionality and easy manageability for improved productivity.

All MyFax customers can access the new MyFax web interface - for free - at www.myfax.com. The enriched web interface is packed with new features including friendly and consistent navigation tools to quickly and easily send and receive faxes and administer users.

The new interface includes a versatile mailbox oriented structure with an inbox, sent faxes and an outbox. MyFax provides archiving and online access to one month of received faxes, at no additional charge.

The new design also incorporates a flexible cover page management system that allows users to create and customize their own cover page. Templates suitable for use in informal or business scenarios are also included as part of the MyFax package.

"Faxing is moving online, says Joseph Nour CEO, Protus IP Solutions. "From large enterprises to individual workers, internet faxing is the future. MyFax makes it easy to move online with great value, unique features and a user-friendly design."

The Web Interface is currently available to all MyFax customers as part of the standard price package of $10/month for individual users with volume discounts also available for larger businesses.

Additional benefits of MyFax include:
  • Scalability - MyFax scales from home office workers to small, medium and large businesses
  • Convenience: MyFax includes an image of the first page of the fax in the email body.
  • Image Quality: Both send and receive faxes are exact replicas of the fax.
  • Browser Support: MyFax supports multiple browsers including FireFox.
  • System Compatibility: users can use MyFax with the features and services offered as part of the Microsoft Office 2003 and IBM® Lotus Notes®.
  • File Formats: MyFax supports 176 different file formats, including Microsoft® Office, PDF and other common formats. MyFax offers a free download for Outlook users that provides a toolbar button for sending faxes.
MyFax brings greater efficiency to your organization's document management practices. It integrates easily into existing business systems such as CRM and ERP and lets you choose which faxes to print, delete, forward to colleagues or save on your PC or network.

In comparison to traditional fax machines, MyFax saves users approximately 93% on capital costs, 89% on ongoing monthly costs and 89% over five years. When compared to other leading internet fax service providers, MyFax provides users with a significant savings advantage of approximately 30% alone on standard packages.

About MyFax
MyFax is an Internet fax service provided by Protus IP Solutions. Protus IP Solutions - a high-growth application service provider - offers value-added Internet fax communication and voice messaging services to businesses around the world. Since Protus was established more than 9 years ago, customers within the finance, insurance, real estate, pharmaceutical, retail industries and others have trusted their outsourced communication needs to our reliable service. We manage 780,000,000 faxes per year, we deliver 375,000 pages per hour, and we dial 500,000 calls per hour. On-line Internet fax (email-to-fax and fax to email) services targeting Personal, Small Business and Corporate users are sold under the brand name MyFax. Protus solutions are sold both directly and through a network of worldwide partners, including major service providers. Additional information is available at www.protus.com or www.myfax.com.

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