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Embark Lending Improves Productivity by 25 per cent with Protus Virtual Fax
Fast, reliable fax service helps mortgage brokers send and receive confidential information.

Ottawa, May 25, 2005 - Protus IP Solutions today announced that California-based Embark Lending has implemented electronic document management solution, Protus Virtual Fax, to cut costs and increase loan processing volume, speed and productivity.

Virtual Fax is an Internet-based fax solution that enables businesses to send and receive faxes using existing email accounts or the Web. Unlike traditional faxing, Virtual Fax is convenient, cost effective, integrated, automated and secure.

Embark Lending is a mortgage lender catering to the U.S. premium and sub-prime markets.

In the last six months, Embark has grown dramatically from 12 to 100 employees. The company required an efficient, scalable, and user-friendly replacement for its previous Internet-based fax product that was no longer meeting its needs.

With limited leeway for downtime, 50 Embark brokers migrated to their new Internet Fax service in less than two days - a fast transition for the growing company.

"Time is money in the mortgage industry," says Scott Salvi, director, information technology, Embark Lending. "Not only was the transition to Protus Virtual Fax smooth and efficient, it also saved us more than 30 per cent in expenses."

Prior to implementing Virtual Fax, Embark Lending processed approximately 80 loans per month. With faster document management, the company can now process 100 loans per month and reduced the time required to process loans by one-hour per loan.

"Virtual Fax is the fastest Internet-based fax solution on the market," says Joseph Nour, CEO, Protus IP Solutions. "For Embark Lending customers, time is of the essence as loans can't be funded if they aren't received on time. With Virtual Fax, documents are processed in minutes, meeting the needs of mortgage customers looking for high quality Internet-based fax solutions."

Prior to using Protus Virtual Fax, processors at Embark Lending shared a single fax machine. With the high volume of faxes coming in and going out, their ability to quickly expedite loans was challenged. Now with Protus Virtual Fax, Embark saves on the high costs of long distance telephone charges and processes loans quickly and efficiently.

In 2004, Internet Telephony Magazine named Protus Virtual Fax as a recipient of its Product of the Year Award for quality and innovation.

About Protus IP Solutions

Protus IP Solutions - a high-growth application service provider - offers value-added voice mail, email and fax to email services to businesses around the world. Our customers are involved in every industry sector, including finance, insurance, real estate, pharmaceuticals and retail. Whether they use our services across the company or for key operational requirements, our customers rely on Protus to simplify their voice, email and fax communications. We help them reach customers more effectively, process documents more efficiently and access information with greater speed. Protus solutions are sold both directly and through a network of worldwide partners, including major service providers. On-line internet fax services are sold under the brand names of Virtual Fax for business users and MyFax for internet fax services targeted to SOHO users. Additional information is available at www.protus.com or www.myfax.com.

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