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Protus Launches Internet-Based Virtual Fax for Businesses
Enables enterprises to send and receive faxes securely from any location without a fax machine.

Ottawa, May 20, 2004 - Protus IP Solutions, a high-growth application service provider that offers Internet-based messaging solutions to businesses around the world today launched Virtual Fax™, an email-based fax service that brings flexibility and mobility to business fax users.

Virtual Fax uses existing email accounts to send and receive faxes from any location with Internet access, requiring no additional hardware or software. Additionally, automated distribution of both incoming and outgoing forms and documents can be easily managed electronically to improve workflow efficiency.

"Traditional faxing can be inconvenient, time consuming, unreliable and, most importantly, costly," says Steve Adams, vice president, marketing, Protus IP Solutions.

"With Virtual Fax, users gain the freedom of faxing using their own email application. Virtual Fax provides business users with the capability to send and receive faxes anywhere, as easily as they can send and receive email. This translates into direct business improvements - increased productivity and lower costs."

The Virtual Fax service leverages existing investments by completely integrating with business's current systems, while reducing costs associated with faxing.

Virtual Fax uses an organization's existing email service and reduces cost by eliminating fax lines, machines, and servers. Virtual Fax also reduces the cost of supplies and support, while bringing added document management functionality by enabling fax recipients to better manage their faxes. Users can automatically track, file and forward incoming and outgoing faxes by email.

Karl Wondrak, executive information officer of GMAC Residential Funding of Canada says, "We're in the mortgage business, not the technology business, so we rely on an outsourced service to manage our fax communications. We have a huge requirement to process and manage the large volume of faxes we receive - faxing is an integral part of our business flow. With Virtual Fax, the price was right, and Protus provided us with an immediate solution to our fax needs. We were up and running in 48 hours."

Virtual Fax benefits include:

Send and Receive Faxes from Your Email
  • Works in your usual email - simple, user-friendly
  • Faxes sent to your Virtual Fax number are instantly forwarded to your email address as attachments, and can be received at up to three separate email addresses, enabling you to access faxes whenever you check your email
  • One button fax from Microsoft® Outlook - compatible with most email systems
  • Turn your existing e-mail network into an inbound private fax mailbox that never runs out of paper, loses an important message, or gets turned off - and it's completely confidential
  • Fax to multiple numbers at once and send multiple faxes at once
  • Send faxes with confidence - auto-retry ensures your fax goes through
Send and Receive Faxes from the Web
  • Securely download faxes from the web instantly - eliminate e-mail delays and get faxes wherever you have web access
  • Send your fax from our secure web site - then monitor the real-time progress of your fax
  • Retrieve your last seven days of faxes from our secure web site - don't worry about misplaced or lost files
In 2003, Protus IP Solutions was named to three rapid company growth rankings:
  • Profit Magazine's "PROFIT 100" - Protus IP Solutions ranked fifth
  • Deloitte & Touche's "Fast 50 Canada"
  • Deloitte & Touche's "Fast 500 North America"
About Protus IP Solutions

Protus IP Solutions - a high-growth application service provider - offers value-added voice mail, email and fax to email services to businesses around the world. Our customers are involved in every industry sector, including finance, insurance, real estate, pharmaceuticals and retail. Whether they use our services across the company or for key operational requirements, our customers rely on Protus to simplify their voice, email and fax communications. We help them reach customers more effectively, process documents more efficiently and access information with greater speed. Protus solutions are sold both directly and through a network of worldwide partners, including major service providers. On-line internet fax services are sold under the brand names of Virtual Fax for business users and MyFax for internet fax services targeted to SOHO users. Additional information is available at www.protus.com or www.myfax.com.

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