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Protus Named to PROFIT 100 List for Fourth Consecutive Year
Protus is honored as one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada for the fourth year in a row in Profit magazine's PROFIT 100.
June, 2006 Read the news release
Undying Facsimile
"If I had to work with faxes regularly, a hosted service like MyFax would get my money. That way I can receive faxes via email or Web site, download them, print them, and satisfy the legal requirements for that document."
May, 2006 Read the article
MyFax Wins Communications Solutions Magazine's 2005 Product of the Year Award
"With the MyFax Corporate solution, businesses no longer need to be concerned with dedicated phone lines, privacy breaches or long distance phone charges when handling their large number of monthly faxes."
May, 2006 Read the article
Faxes Coming to an Email Box Near You
"I'm not tied to the fax machine. I can pull up faxes on any computer I can get access to. It's streamlining my life."
April, 2006 Read the article
Did the Fax Come Yet?
"Not only does MyFax improve responsiveness, it also allows users to better manage their documents � since they can be stored, filed, and retrieved electronically..."
March, 2006 Read the article
MyFax Wins the TopTenREVIEWS.com Gold Award
"MyFax, our top pick, out performs the competition by offering almost every feature we looked for..."
February, 2006 Read the article

*MyFax was formerly named Virtual Fax.

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