Login ID
Your Login Id can be your Email Address, your Fax Number or your Account Number. You can use any one of these three identifiers to log in with.

Email Address
This is the main email address associated with your MyFax account, which is typically the one that you used when you registered your account. It is the email address that you can change in the MyFaxCentral User Profile, and is also the main email address you use when sending faxes by email.

Fax Number
This is the Fax Number that was assigned to you when you created your MyFax account, and is the number that you receive your faxes with. If you use your Fax Number as your login ID, enter it as a 10 digit number starting with the area code, leaving out any parenthesis, hyphens or other characters. For example: 8665551234

Account Number
This is also known as your MyFax User ID, and uniquely identifies you within the MyFax system. It is a number from 5 to 7 digits long.

Your MyFax password was selected when you registered your account, although you may have changed it in the User Profile of MyFaxCentral, or by going through the "Forgot your Password?" link. If you have forgotten your password, simply click on the "Forgot your Password?" link and follow the instructions. Your password is a minimum of 6 characters long and must contain both letters and numbers, and may contain any of the following punctuation characters: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) < > { } [ ] ; : ?

Send a Fax - Cover Page

If you wish to use a cover page on your fax, ensure that the cover page style you want to use is selected on the drop-down list. Fill out the Subject and Notes fields as desired, and check the box beside any of the cover page flags that you want to set on the page.

If you have a custom cover page style you wish to use, in a Word document format, you may upload it here by clicking on the box next to "Upload a New Cover Page Style". When you upload it, it will appear on the list with the other cover pages.

Send a Fax - Options

You may add a billing code to any fax that you send, to make it easier to identify in reports. You may also defer sending of a fax until a later time by setting the schedule here. Neither of these options is mandatory.

Send Preferences - Cover Page

You may upload new cover page styles here, for later use. You may also set a default cover page. A default cover page is one that will be automatically used each time you send a fax, without having to deliberately specify it each time. When a default cover page has been selected, you may still change it at the time you send the fax, by selecting it in the drop-down list on that page.

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